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    We can all sometimes feel that life has changed and is not where it once happily was, where we wanted it to be or where we had planned it to be. When we do, this can often leaves us experiencing and dealing with a range of problematic emotions such as confusion, anger, disappointment, disillusionment and regret. How can we either get our lives back on our track or begin to follow that pathway to where we want it to be? How can we lift the clouds and see our sun again?


    Emotional and practical support is a holistic model of support that is primarily focused on goal setting and the actions, attitudes and drivers we would need to commit to and adopt to successfully meet our aims. An initial assessment is carried out using a self reporting model that allows you to score for yourself where you feel your life is in key areas. You agree your own plan of action and goals that will give you a greater sense of purpose and direction and one that is reviewed from session to session to allow you to monitor your progress.


    When we commit to change, it can be a very challenging process to maintain and find the self confidence and efficacy levels needed to keep moving forward. That is why each session is designed to provide you with the safe and confidential space to talk openly about the change process you are going through. The model adopts a counselling skills approach so you can be confident that you will be treated with respect, empathy and accepted for who you are.


    A free initial consultation is provided to allow you the opportunity to be sure that you understand fully how the support process works in practice. You can ask any questions you may have and then it is entirely up to you to decide whether or not you would like to make a further appointment.


    Whilst this approach can be suited to those who do not feel they wish to enter into a formal counselling process, it can also work in tandem with and complement any counselling process you may engage with.

    life coaching  anxiety  depression  musselburgh  east lothian   midlothian  edinburgh


    Person Centred Counselling

    Counselling is a form of a talking therapy that allows you a safe and confidential space to explore and find your way forward from problematic actions, behaviours, experiences, feelings, emotions and thoughts. Your right to be treated with respect, fairness and equality are ensured through the adoption of a person centred model of practice and its key core conditions of empathy, congruence and positive regard. The core values that underpin our counselling approach and practice provides the foundation for real therapeutic growth.


    Specific areas of counselling provided include anxiety, depression, stress, bereavement and loss, childhood and adult abuse, substance misuse and peri-natal mental health, both in one to one settings and group-work. Please note that this list is not exclusive and we can offer counselling support in many other areas and to meet a range of needs.



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