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    Support your staff


    Connecting Therapies is always keen to engage and work in partnership with employers of all sizes and sectors to promote and provide our range of services to your employees. Given the very real rise in the number of working days lost to staff sickness where the main reporting health issues are stress, depression and anxiety, we believe we can work with you to support your staff team to maintain and build upon existing levels of personal resilience required to meet their and your business needs.


    We can tailor any service agreement to meet your own needs and where your business aims, timescales, goals and planned outcomes are clear, precise and agreed from the outset and prior to any start up. We are aware of and recognise that there is sceptical view taken by some about the actual benefits, value and impact of the alternative and complementary therapy model of practice Connecting Therapies offers and the principles and ethos behind this. We also fully respect differing opinions and where these do not agree with our own beliefs and philosophies, as that is how life is.


    We do, however, strongly believe our own personal working experiences over many years practice convinces us otherwise. We have observed, evaluated and evidenced real and meaningful change in people's overall well being and much reduced levels of stress and anxiety and enhanced levels of sleep and mood.


    We also have a significant record of therapeutic work in the field of substance misuse, dependency and addiction


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    Office and Corporate Events




    We would attend at your business premises to deliver the treatments as per the service specification and agreement. This could be a one off event or a series of such events.


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    One to One Referrals and Support for Employees in the Work Place


    We offer a range of therapeutic interventions and treatments that have a focus on and help to address key health areas such as stress, worry, anxiety, poor sleeping patterns and diets, lack of energy and conflicting emotions. This can leave us feeling mentally and physically drained, experiencing a change and fluctuation in mood and character and a loss of self confidence, esteem and belief, with a knock on effect on our resilience and inner strength.


    We believe that by adopting a proactive and preventative approach to your employee's well being and care, we can work with you to improve your staff sickness levels and in turn the capacity of your business.





    work stress  work sickness depression anxiety  musselburgh  east lothian  edinburgh

    One to One Referrals and Support for Employees on a Period of Sick Leave


    Much as we feel we could work with your business to maintain staff attendance and reduce days lost to staff sickness, this is also a service we could offer to provide an alternative and at times a complementary support to staff currently absent from work from other more traditional medical models. Again, the issue of repeated or long terms absences due to stress, anxiety, fears, depression and low self issues and on going loss of capacity to your business is an area that Connecting Therapies can work in partnership to find that sustainable way forward for all concerned.

    Connecting Therapies believe strongly in the genuine and long term benefits non medical and alternative complementary therapy treatment, care and recovery plans can bring about to individuals. We would happily work with your business to be an asset and valued support in the management and treatment of your staff team's well being.


    Record Keeping, Confidentiality, Monitoring, Evaluation and Professional Standards


    Connecting Therapies strictly adhere to professional standards of practice in all areas of its work and in the delivery of all treatments, supports and therapies.





    We would be more than happy to agree to run a small pilot with a selected number of employees to follow an agreed plan of action with clear aims and outcomes.


    All monitoring and recording data would be captured, collated, analysed and disseminated to report on the actual results and outcomes gained.


    This is an approach we believe can be a vital step to build your trust, faith, belief and confidence in not only our model of practice and support but Connecting Therapies as a valuable business asset.


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