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Why more people are turning to holistic treatments

Often when clients visit me for the first time they view taking time out for themselves to be a luxury. My job as a therapist is to get them to consider the many health benefits of massage. At its core, massage can relieve physical and psychological stress’s caused by the fast paced world we live in. People tend to overwork their muscles, which results in the accumulation of harmful acids, like lactic acid, and causes muscle soreness. Massage therapy can help to eliminates these acids and releases tension, anxiety and muscle stiffness. At the same time, massage has a major impact through the lymphatic system. By stimulating a variety of lymph nodes throughout the circulatory system, oxygen flow and immune system performance improves dramatically. Massage therapy also offers substantial psychological benefits. In today’s hyper-paced, wired world, regular consistent use of massage therapy has major health benefits. A session once or twice a month can be a smart investment in reducing stress and becoming personally more effective on the job and in your personal life — it is the ultimate “me” time, when the entire focus of the therapist is on bringing your mind and body to a better state. Target outcomes can include: reduced low-back pain and improved range of motion, enhanced immunity by stimulating lymph flow, improved conditioning for weak or tight muscles, recovery from strenuous workouts, improved skin health and appearance, increased joint flexibility, reduced depression and anxiety, increased endorphin production — the amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkillers, relief from migraine pain. This list goes on but ultimately as humans we need to look after ourselves more and massage can provide some of the much needed balance in our lives on a physical and psychological level.

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