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Massage is a powerful tool in the battle against pain relief

I have a very painful condition ( degenerative disc disease }. I also have vertebrae that are out of shape and trap nerves in my spine and neck. To date I have had four operations in my lumbar region, and one in my neck. Severe pain is always present even with medication.

After moving back to Edinburgh, I was looking for someone who could give me a massage to suit my condition, and who would understand my condition and needs.

I found Connecting Therapies online and on making contact with Linda, felt relaxed and made to feel welcome by her friendly attitude.

Because of my condition, my back, shoulder and neck muscles tighten up and feel very hard and cause pain and make it difficult to move parts of my body. I find deep tissue massage helps me to manage my condition as my condition is degenerative and very painful.

I have been going to Linda every two weeks for over two years now, and would highly recommend her to anyone. She keeps a documented file on me too so she can check on my progress or my history. Deep Tissue Massage Client

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