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Emotional & Practical Support

Who would benefit from this type of Support?

At times in life, due to external or internal factors, we can feel that we have lost direction which can leave us feeling disconnected, stuck, unmotivated, lost and unable to imagine life feeling stable or happy again. When this happens we can often feel unhappy, sad, disappointed, confused and regretful. Individuals can either feel over emotional or indeed numb. This can sometimes manifest into self isolation, poor self esteem, lack of self care and even self sabotaging behaviours such as increased drinking, smoking, eating or the use of other substances. When life feels out of control it can cause anxiety and a fear that life will always be unsettled. It can also make individuals feel that they are missing our in life by not being present due to worrying about the past or future.

Emotional and practical support is a holistic model of support that is primarily focused on allowing an individual to gain a sense of control, purpose and direction and a sense of inner peace. Client feedback has highlighted that they like this style of support as it is more directive and dynamic than some forms of traditional counselling and that they enjoy leaving sessions with set goals and a sense of purpose and direction. Clients agree their own goals, with support, that will allow a greater sense of purpose and direction and one that is reviewed from session to session to allow for progress monitoring.

If you can identify with any of these descriptions or indeed feel you want to change something that is making you feel unhappy then please reach out and get in touch for support.

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