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    Connecting Therapies will re-open on 26th April following Scottish Government guidelines. Please note that not all treatments can be offered at this time and maximum appointments are 45 minutes. Please get in touch for more information. COVID-19 protocols in place.

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    Our Practice, Principles and Ethos

    We believe in the use of alternative and complementary therapies, interventions and treatments to support and provide individuals with their personal and non medical pathway to positive physical and mental health and well being.


    No matter who we are, our body and mind deals with and processes a vast amount of strain, stress, thoughts, emotions, information, situations and challenges on a daily basis. Often much of our time is devoted to and taken up by the things we do for others and the commitments we take on in various areas of our lives. When do we find the time and space to just breathe, relax and look after ourselves? How do we tell our body and mind we care and value what they do for us?


    By adopting a person centred and holistic model of practice, Connecting Therapies ensure that you are the heart of every step and decision taken and where this is specific and relevant to your own personal needs. We would never try to tell you what is good for you as the person who ultimately knows that best is yourself.


    What we can do is offer compassion professional experience, understanding and skills to advise and support you to find a greater balance in life between stresses, strains and worries and general health and well-being.


    Connecting Therapies uses a holistic approach that views the body and mind as one in order to identify the root of a presenting issue in comparison to only addressing the symptoms.


    Self care is a way of looking after yourself ❤️


    just breathe

    Why do I need to look after, care for and value myself ?

    Why is self resilience so important?

    it's a fact that 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health issue each year

    Connecting Therapies provide a confidential quiet, safe and welcoming space to allow you to just breathe and practice self care, well-being and to build positive energy, confidence, thoughts and resilience. We treat everyone with the same level of respect, care and understanding.


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    Self Care:


    Our Own Personal Drivers

    Attitudes, Actions and Personal Experiences that support and create our feelings of Happiness, Positive Thought, Balance and Well-being.

    What are your self drivers?

    What makes you smile, switch off

    and boost those energy levels?

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